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Boston Airport taxi cab and car service’s pickup location for ride from Boston Logan Airport

Please find the pickup location for Boston Logan airport taxi cab and car services for your ride to and from Logan airport.


Meet the driver for Boston Logan Airport Car Service – Ride from Logan

Go to "Limo Stand" designated area by Mass port authority. Please follow the 'LIMO'S SIGN" for each terminal

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Terminal - A


To meet the limo driver, make your way outside the baggage claim. There, you will encounter two traffic lanes. Carefully cross them and turn to the left.

Terminal - b (Gate 1-19)

Air Canada/ American Airlines

Make your way to the ground floor parking and toward the exit. Right across, you will come across the ground street which leads to the parking lot. Once here, follow the Limo or Taxi Stand Sign which will bring you to the Limo stand, where a driver will be awaiting your arrival.

Terminal - b (Gate 20-36)


Make your way to the ground floor parking lot. Once here, walk toward the door and across to the parking lot. Follow the relevant Limo or Taxi Stand Sign. There you will see the driver waiting at the Limo Stand.

Terminal - c


Make your way to the Departure Level from the baggage claim. It can be accessed via the elevator or the escalator. Go through the Exit and walk across the ground street to meet the driver at the Limo stand.

Terminal - e

All International Airlines

Make your way towards the terminal exit located in the Arrival Level. Once outside the door, walk across the two traffic lane and go to the left to meet the driver at the Limo stand.

South Station


Passengers coming from the south station should take the exit to Street (Atlantic Avenue) or (Summer Street). You can text or call the driver to come to the exit from which you will come out. Look on the side, the driver will be waiting there.